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I enjoy preparing presentations to fit any audience.  Please contact me to discuss your groups needs so that together we can create a workshop/presentation that will inspire and give practical wisdom on eating for vibrant health.


Karen Duggan is a Health Consultant and Educator. A graduate of the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing Holitic Nutrition Program in Kansas City, she shares the story of her own journey back to vibrant health. Karen teaches healthy cooking classes at the Merc in Lawrence, KS and creates workshops for athletes, students, moms, dieters and detoxers.  She helps you trust your own body’s wisdom and learn to eat and prepare food that supports good health.


I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did on the custom nutrition workshop for our ‘Joyful Moms’! The young women who attended were unanimous in their praise for your teaching on how to connect kids with great nutrition. We are all still talking about your recipes and great advice. As these moms share Green Smoothies and Health-Wise Oatmeal Cookies and more in their play groups and book study groups, your positive influence is really spreading. It’s the mark of a fine teacher when her students overflow with her wisdom and advice. This is exactly what I hoped would happen when I asked you to design a workshop just for us!  I hope you’ll be invited to create similar workshops for many, many other people.  Your enthusiasm and charm, with your genuine motherly concern for our health, are such a winning combination. I truly believe God helped us find you, and thank you for a one-of-a-kind workshop that enriched all our lives.”

Charlotte Ostermann

Karen spoke to my 7th and 8th graders about being well by eating well. It was important to us that she address information that was relevant to our students. Many of whom have to prepare their own snacks and meals while parents are at work. We also wanted our athletes to get information about what to prepare in their lunches for athletic trips to competitions and to those who bring their lunch to school. Karen did an outstanding job in presenting to our students how to look at food differently. Some main points that our students remembered were to look at the number of ingredients and try to keep them fewer than 5 so that they were choosing foods that were more natural. They learned about processed food or Fake foods. She also stressed the 80/20 rule which was to try to eat 80% nutritious and then could eat 20% maybe not as nutritious. They were introduced to a new food that is 100% full of good nutrition. They learned about dark leafy greens including Kale which many have never eaten before. Her green smoothie was a big hit and the grocery store is selling much more Kale then ever before. She also offered recipes for the students to try that were easy and had few ingredients. We were very pleased to have her speak to our students and felt that is was well worth her long trip across the state to spend time with us.

Chris and Kyle Carroll

Scott City Middle School

Scott City, Ks